UP NEXT: The Man From Nowhere/Kagemusha

The Cinema Classics marathon continues this week with Kagemusha. We also try our darnest to profile a man who seemingly came from nowhere in The Man From Nowhere. You like how I did that, don’t you? Oh yeah, I can tease shows like it’s no ones business. Anyway, stayed tuned for the new episode later this week! Also, the Box Office Breakdown, and the OtaKast Radio News Update.


UP NEXT: Retribution/I Saw The Devil

Alright, so I decided this next episode will not include a “Cinema Classics” review. I’m actually not sure which movie will replace Hidden Fortress in the lineup. More than likely I will skip over to Ugetsu, which was the next film in the marathon until I can find a replacement. In the mean time, get ready for my double thriller episode. You’ve got revenge and torture in I Saw The Devil. Then we get lonely, vengeful, and supernatural in Retribution. Do your homework, and be ready for review! 


Hidden Fortress dropped from Cinema Classics marathon

Looks like I’m replacing Akira Kurosawa’s Hidden Fortresses. Truthfully, if it’s not available for you guys to watch without paying money to ship for it, I’m willing to skip over it. I am not sure what the replacement will be yet though. Although there is a good chance I may push the marathon episode back. Don’t worry though because I’ve been watching a lot of non-marathon stuff too. Plenty of filler!