Recapped!: Meet Me@1006

Okay, so really quick I needed to update my progress on this particular drama series, along with how I’m DROPPING IT! Yes, this show is poorly written, dully paced, and full of the wrong cliches. I’ll explain in a minute, but first:


  1. Alright so our leads, Zhen Yu and Jia Lee are now past the point of surprise and disbelief about the time merging and are now trying to live relatively normal lives while searching for a solution…
  2. The disintegration of Jia Lee’s character from a “young, upstart reporter trying to prove herself” into a one-track minded, petty and daffy leading woman with a lot of annoying quirks like her propensity to call Zhen Yu a pervert.

Here’s why I’m dropping the series:

Jia Lee’s character is almost an entirely different person between episodes 1 through 3! It’s so frustrating trying to give the character the benefit of the doubt when instead of trying to assist Zhen Yu in solving their own, personal mystery she focuses on how long it’s been since she’s dated. The writers have made her more concerned with how they were accidentally caught in the same shower as one a other and how y’know–that’s incredibly uncomfortably. Yeah, we get it. Why do we need references to it throughout the entire (40-minute) run of the third episode.

Ironically, I may gave a petty reason for dropping the series, but when one of your leads is seemingly rebooted not even five episodes into the series; there’s cause for concern. I dislike sacrificing coherent storytelling for the sake of silly gags and poorly done physical comedy. Not only was their chemistry forced and unwelcome–there was a completely unearned “romantic and dreamy” flirty scene in the rain with umbrellas that was beyond corny. I get the age range here, but bad writing is bad writing. What is good writing for young adults isn’t necessarily bad writing for adults. And for those reasons I’m dropping the show. Hopefully I find something to take it’s place!



Recapped!: My Mister (Episodes 10-12)


Alright so after another handful of episodes, My Mister continues to stand the test of time! The story of Dong-Hoon and  Ji-Ahn continues to delve further and further into a singular one, albeit with shared friends and foes alike. Here’s a breakdown of really the biggest revelation we need to know:

  2. Dong-Hong’s fight with Ki-Yong ended in a draw (more or less) but it made Ki-Yong think twice about confronting Dong-Hong directly.
  3. Dong-Hong and his wife FINALLY sit down and try to talk things out. It doesn’t seem to go horribly well though, as they still seem bent on divorce.
  4. Ji-Ahn, on Dong-Hong’s insistence, has begone to integrate with her co-workers and Dong-Hong’s family as well at Jung-hee’s bar. It’s really a joy to see her really get to be a human and not a cold, calculating swindler.
  5. The race for new director really took a strong turn after Dong-Hoon PUNCHED THE CEO IN THE FACE!

We won’t get episodes 13 and 14 for a whole nother’ week which hurt me a lot more than I’m willing to admit! It does give me a chance to seek out other shows and movies to digest though!


Recapped! “Ninja Scroll, The anime series”

Words: Neo

If you ask me which I prefer, Science fiction or Fantasy, my answer may or may not surprise you. Fantasy. Give me the meadows. The forests. The wonder. The spirit of adventure. With maybe a hint of magic. Ninja scroll has the woods. It has the trees. And it also has a little lot of magic. To me, that’s the pieces you want to make an immersible, interesting action-adventure. Jubei Kimogami is our lead man, and he is arguably the most dry a hero you could ever want. He’s skilled, of course, but his exterior tends to be more dismissive. In deep, inside his character lies the heart of a true warrior. When his exterior is careless, and even self-centered, his interior is a self-less, passionate individual. His exterior does not seem to worried about the affairs of others. Until someone entrusts him with a special stone. He has a job now, and so we do see his disposition change slightly. His sense of honor and integrity glows within him, and he becomes more pressed to complete the task he is given. After all,  the stone was given to him by a dying, half-man, half-beast creature. Things get stranger, when he finally does find what he is seeking. The light maiden? He’s suppose to give the stone to the light maiden. What if she doesn’t know she’s the light maiden? What if the stone (dragon stone) keeps attracting weirdo, creepy, vile ninjas from rival clans looking to obtain the stone themselves? Then what?

It’s not finished until the paint dries…

Well, thirteen episodes doesn’t quite seem like enough time to really make this work. The show has a beautiful, well animated gloss over it. The story contains some interesting “side quests” during the later episodes, but somehow seems rushed after the finale. Maybe it’s the last couple episodes themselves? Maybe I’m just hard to satisfy? One thing I’ve learned watching anime series like this? It’s usually a bit of both.