Recapped!: My Mister (Episodes 10-12)


Alright so after another handful of episodes, My Mister continues to stand the test of time! The story of Dong-Hoon and  Ji-Ahn continues to delve further and further into a singular one, albeit with shared friends and foes alike. Here’s a breakdown of really the biggest revelation we need to know:

  2. Dong-Hong’s fight with Ki-Yong ended in a draw (more or less) but it made Ki-Yong think twice about confronting Dong-Hong directly.
  3. Dong-Hong and his wife FINALLY sit down and try to talk things out. It doesn’t seem to go horribly well though, as they still seem bent on divorce.
  4. Ji-Ahn, on Dong-Hong’s insistence, has begone to integrate with her co-workers and Dong-Hong’s family as well at Jung-hee’s bar. It’s really a joy to see her really get to be a human and not a cold, calculating swindler.
  5. The race for new director really took a strong turn after Dong-Hoon PUNCHED THE CEO IN THE FACE!

We won’t get episodes 13 and 14 for a whole nother’ week which hurt me a lot more than I’m willing to admit! It does give me a chance to seek out other shows and movies to digest though!


Kevin Hart: What Now?

Directed by Tim Story, Lesie Small

In Philadelphia,  50,000 spectators were treated to a pretty solid stand-up routine from superstar comedian Kevin Hart. The special had a little something for everyone, and is somewhere between Steve Harvey and Katt Williams. Very family-centered, with plenty of silly, anecdotal gags sprinkled throughout.

So we get a Philly-cheese steaked addition of Hart’s latest stand-up. It comes sandwich between to silly, action packed skits—where we see Hart and co-star Halle Berry (looking fantastic!) In a James Bond-styled setting. Kevin the agent, Berry his sexy partner, and even Don Cheadle makes an appearance at the standard poker playing scene. It’s a silly affair, and provides plenty of chuckles and the occasional hardy laugh. 

That’s also how I felt about the meat and potatoes of this comedy special as well–it was a mostly silly affair that kept me entertained, but never brought the house down. Again, lots of observational comedy about his wife, kids, other friends and family plus insight on some of his more irrational fears.

Funny, but Kevin plays it pretty safe and there were times when the audience I was with was quiet even as Kevin delivered several predictable punchlines or drubbed up another gag from twenty minutes earlier in the routine. Not necessarily a bad thing, but it was definitely noticeable. Not sure you’ll wanna spend eleven bucks to see it–but you should see it. There is something to say about seeing people of all walks of life coming together to laugh. Hart himself astutely points out that, “If we can laugh together, we can live together”. I’ll definitely agree that comedy has a way of bringing together the masses for a night of entertainment; and  Kevin Hart’s ‘What Now?’ does just that.

Check out the trailer here:

SVRadio: “Vampire Hunter Darryl”

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN—>>Vampire Hunter Darryl

Dee goes over 3AL news, including a failed attempt at someone trying to troll the group. Also, Darryl Simon discusses whether there is a lack of innovation in the video gaming industry. Finally, Dee rounds off the show with his review of Vampire Hunter D.

+Music from TVXQ, Drunken Tiger, and CL


6 More animated movies added to the watch-list…

The cover of the first DVD compilation for the...

The cover of the first DVD compilation for the Shōnen Sunday Original Animation of the Detective Conan series released by Shogakukan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I’ve wanted to add more animated movies to the list of films I’ve watched and all of these are films I have wanted to write about for awhile…I have seen a few, but it will be interesting to see them again. There are also a lot of movies on this list have been called “great” by writers the internet over. Here’s the list:



Now the fact that this are on the watch list doesn’t mean these are the next movies that I’ll be reviewing. It does mean that I’m going to get to them eventually. By the time you all read this there will already be a watch list page on the website. So here’s to more awesome viewing experiences!





Golden Shelf of Glory series to highlight favorites in Anime, live action

If you haven’t seen it yet, check out the Golden Shelf of Glory page! It’s got my favorite works of art I like to brag about to fellow geeks.


It’s still relatively new, but I’m hoping to fill it up pretty quickly here soon.