FIST-FOOT Marathon Nominations

Award Name: The Iron Fist Award


Movies in the running:

Showdown in Little Tokyo

Kiss of the Dragon

Rumble in the Bronx



Best Director


Mark L. Lester, Chris Nahon, Stanley Tong, Sheldon Lettich



Strongest Leading Character


Dolph Lundgren, Jet Li, Jackie Chan, Jean Claude-Van Damme



Toughest Supporting Character


Brandon Lee (Detective Johnny Murata), Bridget Fonda (Jessica Kamen, prostitute), Francoise Yip (Nancy, Biker chick), Harrison Page (Joshua, fast-talking bookie)


Hardest-Working Villain


Deborah Renard (Un-trustworthy bidder), Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa (Leader of Iron Claw, enemy of 2 generations of Kenner family), Tcheky Karyo (Corrupt French inspector), Kris Lord (White Tiger)


Highest Flying Action Sequences


Jet-Li, Jackie Chan, Jean Claude Van-Damme, Dolph Lundgren






FIST-FOOT MARATHON: Rumble in the Bronx (1995)

Directed By: Stanley Tong


Mr. Tong’s name probably sounds familiar to Jackie Chan fans, because Chan has been involved in one form or another in many of Stanley Tong’s films.The most recent project the two have worked on together was Stanley Tong’s The Myth (TV series); which was based off of the film he directed in 2005. According to several sources, approximately  17 minutes of the film were cut by the New Line Cinema edit.



Whose in this?


There’s Jackie Chan, and everyone else. Well, that’s pretty much how it felt anyway. I can remember seeing this film while it was still somewhat relevant and not recognizing a ton of the other players involved. To throw some names out: Anita Mui (famous canto-pop singer, once referred to as the “Madonna of Asia”), Francoise Yip, and Marc Akerstream. So, I’ll ask you again; anyone recognize these names?



What’s it about?


Rumble in the Bronx nearly has the same premise Lionheart does, with the protagonist being dropped into America for the first time. However, Chan moves to the Bronx with his uncle to help manage a corner store. In a way that truly felt spontaneous, Chan (in all his chivalrous glory) is drawn into a personal feud with a local biker gang. Also, in typical Chan “good guy being dealt bad hand” form; the story snowballs and a dangerous criminal organization is thrown into the story. Chan struggles with 3 different problems that are all tied together through his own unintentional hand. The story mixes martial arts with situational comedy and doesn’t concern itself with the details. Once the main plot picks up, the film is essentially a group of action sequences tied together with shots of Chan, his friends, and the biker gang being caught up in this silly action-packed brick shot of a film. The weaker points of the film are too silly to complain about, and the stronger points involve the audience watching Jackie Chan do what he does best. It’s a fun flick, check it out on Netflix instant while your folding clothes.



Up Next: ‘Rumble in the Bronx’

With the first 2 films in our “FOOT-FIST” Marathon out of the way, I’m getting to review a personal favorite of mine. Jackie Chan (my favorite action star) in Rumble in the Bronx,the movie that finally showcased his talent in a high quality to American Audiences of the 90s. I’ll have reviews of both Rumble in the Bronx and Kiss of the Dragon on the podcast sometime soon