SVMB: November 28, 2011


Running Time: 1hr. 6min. 27sec.

  • Top3/Bottom3 
  • Box Office Breakdown
  • Bonus: 5 songs…this time from! Enjoy the step up in commercial quality ^_^

    “This is a picture of what the robots in a South Korean prison will look like. That’s right, they’ll look like WALL-E! For crying out loud!”

SVMB: November 27, 2011

Running Time: 1hr. 7min. 36sec.

  • Review of “Castaway on the Moon”
  • Review of “M”
  • BONUS: 5 songs


“Everything I said about Castaway on the Moon, I said in the episode. But this movie, M, was a surprise simply because the sex scenes were skipped over. I felt like my pop was fast forwarding through those scenes. Not a negative, but an interesting choice to make the sex in the film, a secondary device.”



Trailer for “Castaway on the Moon”



Trailer for “M”


SVMB: ’13 Assassins’

Running Time: 47 minutes 46 sec.

  • 13 Assassins Review
  • Bonus: 5 songs

“Don’t get me wrong, I liked the movie. I was just a bit underwhelmed by it as a whole. For some other critics to be saying it’s one of the best samurai films of all-time is a little strong too…”

-Desmond Childs