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Homeland was a big winner at the Emmys

Podcast Running Time: 34 minutes 51 seconds


  • Video Gamers are entitled buttfaces!?
  • Daily Anime Fix (courtesy of
  • Does Hollywood have any new ideas, or are we doomed to a future of reboots!?
  • Box Office Breakdown
  • ALSO: The next marathon is going to be the annual Horror-themed one for the month of October. After that it’s documentaries, I think. Don’t quote me on that though.

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Mobster Movie #3: ‘On the Edge’


Well, the third film in our marathon takes the idea of my whole project and turns it upside-down. The film focuses in on an undercover cop (played well by Nick Cheung), whose way in over his head. It’s been 8 years since he first went undercover as a triad, and the line between Cop and punk has faded into oblivion. There’s even a synth-laden soundtrack and a touching scene at the end that made me sort of pity the characters on screen. However, the question is whether or not, Herman Yau’s 2006 effort was enough to keep me….ON THE EDGE!?

Running Time: 21 min 6 sec


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Mobster Movie # 2 : ‘Sonatine’

The second entry in our Mobster Movie Marathon was interesting to say the least. Did it meet my expectations? Did it meet yours? I definetly say some things  Beat Takeshi did here that later films within the genre have emulated over the years since.

Running Time: 21 minutes 21 seconds










Recapped!: “49 Days”

“Do you realize you’ll have to take care of your mother when I’m gone!?”

words by: desmond “neo” childs


The history of the United States is comparatively small, when glancing over at countries all over the world. The one that usually seems to catch my attention the most is China. A very vast, and rich history that spans thousands of years is practically ripe for the picking, so to speak. Seriously, there have got to be countless stories to draw from and create some sort of moving picture. I can’t forget about the Chinese proverbs which many of us still recite today. Here’s one Chinese proverb that’s also found in the Bible, “As a man sows, so shall he reap”. This particular proverb could best be applied to the villain of 49 Days. A man so cruel, conniving, and ruthless; that you just knew he’d have to bite the dust sooner or later. The question is, did he “reap what he sowed”?

Directed By: Kin-Lung Lam


Now the director of this picture only has 1 other credit to his name. Kin-Lung Lam wrote and directed, Tie nan ben se (2000). He did not, however, write 49 Days, but still did a servicable job bringing the story life. As to his director’s touch, I can say a few things: The “twist” device that’s planted into the middle(-ish) of the film couldn’t have been any more obvious. There was no suspense when it was revealed, and it deserved to be a little more clever in it’s delivery. Overall, I actually felt for the characters on screen, and the acting was probably one of the stronger aspects of the picture. I actually really enjoyed this movie, and I’m still trying to figure out why someone would call it a “bad” picture. Now, I would even call it a little too predictable; but I don’t think it was a enough to soil this movie overall.

“You cannot marry my husband!”

Okay, readers, I think I know where this is going. You’re all successful physicians and you’ve just wrapped up construction on the new clinic. That night while you are celebrating a bright future, one of you is going to get into debt with some gangsters. He’ll be in such a tight spot, that he is willing to do the unthinkable just to save his own hide. And so he does. The head physician, who has a very bright future, is then setup to take the fall. Which he does, and spends the rest of the movie a broken man.  So, tell me. How is this pretty, petite lawyer suppose to help? She’s only worked on divorce cases! This circumstance involves arson, and the death of 7 people! At this point, you’d nod, take a puff of your cigarette; and calmly exhale the smoke. Then you’d say, “Karma.”


The main characters, the happily married couple and their daughter, appear to have a very promising future. It all goes to heck though, when inauspicious events lead to a tragic, fateful night. I don’t want to spoil the story for anyone, but I will say this. The movie’s less-than-stellar budget has not aged well, and sometimes the effects do more to bring you out of the movie than to enhance it. However, a strong core of actors, some interesting historical backdrops, and supernatural elements makeup for it. This isn’t really a horror story. It’s a story of seeking justice for those wrongly accused, no matter how long it takes. It is an effective thriller in that sense, and doesn’t try to be anything it’s not. The result is a good movie, in my opinion. It’s available on Netflix Instant watch, so give it a run. Here’s the trailer below: